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He was born May the 21st, 1932, and passed away October 28, 1991 was an American Jump Blues/Rhythm and Blues artist. Billy Wright is also considered to be one of Little Richard's primary influences.


Born in Atlanta, Georgia, and as a child, he excelled in at singing Gospel in his local church, but developed into a Blues musician when he began performing in Atlanta's 81 Theater.

Saxist Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams caught Wright's act when the two shared a bill with Charles Brown and Wynonie Harris, and recommended him to record producer Herman Lubinsky of Savoy Records.

Throughout his career, he was known as the "Prince of the Blues".

He was a key figure in Atlanta Blues after World War II and had a major influence on Rock n Roll pioneer Little Richard, whom Wright helped get his first recording contract.

He recorded his last recordings in 1959. He continued to do shows around Atlanta until he suffered a stroke, and then died of a pulmonary embolism, just before his 1991 Halloween Show at the Royal Peacock in Atlanta.

Albums List

1) Stacked Deck (1980)

2) Goin Down Slow (1984)

3) Various Artists: Southern Blues: Roots Of Rock And Roll Volume 11 (1985)

4) Billy Wright/Little Richard: Baby Don’t You Want A Man Like Me (1987)

5) Billy Wright (1994)

6) Classics 1949-1951 (2003)

7) Have Mercy Baby (2009)

Singles List

  1. "Blues For My Baby" / "You Satisfy" (11/1949)
  2. "Man’s Brand Boogie" / "Beg-A-Dog" (1950)
  3. "I Keep Drinkin'" / "Billy’s Boogie Blues" (1950)
  4. "Back Biting Woman" / "Thinkin' Blues" (1950)
  5. "After Dark Blues" / "Heavy Hearted Blues" (1951)
  6. "'Fore Day Blues" / "Empty Hands" (1951)
  7. "Mean Old Wine" / "Keep Your Hands On Your Heart" (11/1951)
  8. "Stacked Deck" / "Mercy Mercy" (1951)
  9. "Hey Little Girl" / "Gotta Find My Baby" (1951)
  10. "New Kind Of Lovin'" / "When The Wagon Comes" (1952)
  11. "Turn Your Lamps Down Low" / "Drinkin' And Thinkin'" (1952)
  12. "Married Woman’s Boogie" / "Every Evening" (1952)
  13. "If I Didn’t Love You" / "Goin' Down Slow" (12/1952)
  14. "After Awhile" / "Four Cold Cold Walls" (5/1953)
  15. "Live The Life" / "I Remember" (4/1954)
  16. "Bad Luck, Heartaches, And Trouble" / "The Question" (7/1955)
  17. "Have Mercy Baby" / "I Love You Sweetheart" (1959)