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Formed out of Brooklyn, New York in 1987.

They are well respected as being one of the first bands to combine elements of Hardcore, with some Punk, fuse inyo thr mix some Heavy Metal and add elements of Hip Hop/Rap. In fact there are two demos both titled Biohazard, that date back to 1988 and 1989, proving they were very much ahead of other bands that have recorded this kind of sound. They were one of the most influential band that effected The New Wave of American Heavy Metal.

Biohazard's earliest lineup was;-

  • Bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld
  • Guitarist Bobby Hambel
  • Drummer Anthony Meo

Guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei teamed up with Biohazard soon after.

The lineup since January 2012;-

  • Billy Graziadei
  • Bobby Hambel
  • Danny Schuler
  • Scott Roberts


Studio Albums List

1) Biohazard (1990)

Biohazard 1.jpg

2) Urban Discipline (1992)

Biohazard 2.jpg

3) State of the World Address (1994)

Biohazard 3.jpg

4) Mata Leão (1996)

Biohazard 4.jpg

5) New World Disorder (1999)

Biohazard 5.jpg

6) Uncivilization (2001)

Biohazard 6.jpg

7) Kill or Be Killed (2003)

Biohazard 7.jpg

8) Means to an End (2005)

Biohazard 8.jpg

9) Reborn in Defiance (2012)

Biohazard 9.jpg

Live Albums

1) No Holds Barred (1997)

Biohazard 10.jpg

2) Live in San Francisco (2007)

Biohazard 11.jpg


1) Tales from the B-Side (2001)

Biohazard 12.jpg

Music videos

  1. "Punishment" (1992)
  2. "Shades of Grey" (1992)
  3. "Slam (Bionyx Remix)" Onyx featuring Biohazard (1993)
  4. "Judgment Night" (Track for the Movie Soundtrack) recorded with Onyx (1993)
  5. "Five Blocks to the Subway" (1994)
  6. "How It Is" (1994)
  7. "Tales from the Hard Side" (1994)
  8. "After Forever" (Black Sabbath cover) (1994/95)
  9. "Authority" (1996)
  10. "A Lot to Learn" (1996)
  11. "Sellout" (2001)
  12. "Vengeance Is Mine" (2012)