Black Market Militia

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A Rap / Hip Hop group composed of Killah Priest, Timbo King, Hell Razah, Tragedy Khadafi and William Cooper.

They released their first - Black Market Militia - in 2005, through Performance Records, envisioned and initiated by Mitchell Serbes, Gary Hertzan and Mariel Maffetone. They had previously released underground mixtapes.

Black Market Militia would be qualify for association with The Wu-Tang Clan, and for a listing amongst The Wu-Tang Killa Beez.



1) Black Market Militia (2005)

Black Market Militia 1.jpg

2) Beware Of The Pale Horse (2009)

Black Market Militia 2.jpg


1) The Black Market Vol. 1 (2002)

2) Vol. 2: Dead Street Scrolls (2003)

3) Vol. 3: Underground Economy (2004)


1) Audobun Ballroom / Thug Nation / Hood Lullabye (12" Vinyl, 2005)

2) Gem Stars (DJ Absolut Remix) / Mayday / The Renaissance (12" Vinyl, 2006)

3) Black Market (w/ Brotha Lynch Hung & D-Blaze) (2006)

4) The Digital Black Operation (2017)