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In the Beginning

Blackline is a new band of old friends. Ken Dammond and Duane Bakke played music together many moons ago with White Line, which had some success playing The Showbox, the Eagles Auditorium, Crossroads all-ages shows, Kirkland’s End Zone, several house and hall parties, and wherever else they could find. For reasons nobody remembers, everyone moved on.

Down the Road

Several years later, more music projects happen; Show & Tell, Gypsy Rose, Teachers Pett, Bridge, and lives, wives, kids, life-changes, explorations, bike races, etc. Somewhere during this time Duane’s band did gigs with Billy’s band. Ken and Billy, who studied under the infamous Maestro David Kyle worked on material as AWOL for a while before that disbanded.

Current Happenings

Fast Forward to December 2011 - Having been out of touch for over a decade, Ken and Duane write some music and Billy comes out after a week of preparation to literally blow the roof off the place with his incredible lyrical content and delivery. Blackline is born December 2011. In the summer of 2012 Blackline brought on Polly Osborn of PO Honey Promotions to manage the busy schedule. Polly and Duane have known each other for more years than they would like to admit and when they met up for one of Blackline's first venue performances in the Benbow Room, they all became fast friends and colleagues. With the addition of drummer Garth K. Regudon, the shows just keep coming and success continues.

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