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Blaxploitation has an amazing history and has included some of the greatest rebels of their time, some people that have had to fight for their identity as much as any other underground movement.

Much of the music of the days of Blaxploitation were made for the movies, so we made a page for Blaxploitation Filmography

Blaxploitation, amongst other things, has been in influence on the world of Hip Hop and Rap and has changed the world of Funk and Soul

Below is a selection of some of the best known pieces of music from those days.

Superfly, Curtis Mayfield

This is a timeless piece of work that transcends the era. The instrumentation alone is arguably the beginning of modern Black Gangster Rap music. The thick bass lines and the driving lyrics definitely served as an inspiration for to my score for the movie Black Dynamite.

James Brown

was very much in his prime when the soundtrack to Blaxploitation movie "Black Caesar". The tune below is Funky Drummer, a tune that at one time in the history of music was the most sampled song ever in the old Rave scene, proving even more the amount of influence that can come from rebellion. James Brown was a perfectionist when it came to music.

Across 110th Street by Bobby Womack

One of the most legendary bits of Blaxploitation music ever and the theme to the movie of the same name. It served in some ways as a warning to not cross 110th street in Brooklyn, at the time there was very much a racial divide at around that point/

Black Dynamite

This is the theme tune to one of the best known Blaxploitation movies, Black Dynamite and one just has to love the vibe created by that intro.

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassss Song

Melvin Van Peebles, plus the legends that are Earth, Wind & Fire. Arguably the first Blaxploitation soundtrack.  A, not well known at the time, "Earth, Wind & Fire" played on this album. It has a raw feel to the recording and was creatively used in the movie. This is a must for any fan of Blaxploitation and anyone who appreciates the history of African American music.