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Blindfolds are an easy, cheap and accessible way of exploring erotic sensory deprivation, it's also one of the most common of Fetishes.

Blindfolds 01.jpeg

Everyone knows how much we rely on sight and eye contact to communicate and to have that taken away can heighten all your other senses. When you're blindfolded you try to guess what is going on around you from just sound and touch, and the 'blindfolder' has complete control over what you experience and can tease or reward as they wish. Whilst blindfolds require you to trust the person you're playing with, they are a safe way to explore your kinkier side. Although this might not necessarily be something that could fit into the BDSM bracket.

One highly erotic story involved checking into a hotel that had been booked by a couple who met online. The lady let herself into the room, left the door on the latch and blindfolded herself. The guy watched her check-in and a few minutes later came into the room and kissed her. They'd seen each others pictures, but not seen each other face to face - they claimed that the intensity of that kiss, with a relative stranger, was almost impossible to describe.

It would be good to take any precautions that you can, if you plan to go down this route, for example, having mutual acquaintances so you have some knowledge that you won't be involved with someone who's not going to turn out to be a dangerous individual.

Some Images for you

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