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Please be aware of, and understand fully the health risk that can be involved with this fetish. As well as, please be aware that this fetish can only be carried out with full mutual concent of all parties involved.


taken by Dj Rex


Blood fetishism also known as Blood play or hematolagnia (also haemotolangia)

A sexual fetish for blood which provokes arousal when present on the sexual partner of someone with that fetish, especially if that partner is nude. It is often accompanied by licking or drinking blood through bloodletting or biting.

As you can probably imagine, a Blood Fetish has some links to Vampirism, although Vampirism is also to do with other factors as well as just the blood. This could also be connected with indulging in a Cutting Fetish.

A "blood fetishists," would be people for whom blood-drinking and/or bloodletting are either an erotic turn-on or a preferred expression of intimacy/bonding, although this might not necessarily be erotic.

There would be a difference between "blood fetishists" and two other categories; Blood-Drinkers, aka Sanguinarians, who have an out-and-out craving to drink blood, much in the same way as someone who smokes would crave a cigarette, or an alcoholic would crave alcohol. The second would be Blood-Drinking Psychic Vampires, who crave blood as a source of "healing energy." These categories would overlap heavily.

Blood Fetishists that are not also Sanguinarians or Psychic Vampires are generally not considered "Vampires" by the others that would consider themselves thus. Blood Fetishism does have a long history of being called "Vampirism" in psychiatric literature, newspaper articles, and nonfiction Vampire literature. There are some Blood Fetishists that would describe themselves as vampires while others wouldn't.

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