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Intro and Info

Heavy Metal and Death Metal legends.

Bolt Thrower are a Heavy Metal/ Death Metal band from Coventry, England.

Forming in 1986 and releasing their first album with Vinyl Solution in 1988. After this, they moved to a new Earache Records, soon becoming one of the best selling bands on that label.

Following their time with Earache, they signed to Metal Blade Records.

They have had a succession of members and have toured Europe, the United States, and Australia.

The band took its name from a weapon in the popular tabletop strategy game Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Their lyrics and artwork of their second, third and seventh albums were even based on this game and its futuristic companion Warhammer 40,000, with much of the art actually being provided by the games' publisher, Games Workshop.

The general theme of their lyrics tends to lean towards war and the consequences of war.


Studio Albums List

1) In Battle There Is No Law! (Vinyl Solution, 1988)

Bolt Thrower 1.png

2) Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness (Earache Records, 1989), Remastered in 2005

Bolt Thrower 2.jpg

3) War Master (Earache Records, 1991)

Bolt Thrower 3.jpg

4) The IVth Crusade (Earache Records, 1992)

Bolt Thrower 4.jpg

5) ...For Victory (Earache Records, 1994)

Bolt Thrower 5.jpg

6) Mercenary (Metal Blade Records, 1998)

Bolt Thrower 6.jpg

7) Honour – Valour – Pride (Metal Blade Records, 2001)

Bolt Thrower 7.jpg

8) Those Once Loyal (Metal Blade Records, 2005)

Bolt Thrower 8.jpg


  1. The Peel Session (Strange Fruit, 1988)
  2. Cenotaph (Earache Records, 1990)
  3. Spearhead (Earache Records, 1993)

Live Album

  1. War (Earache Records, 1994)

Compilation Albums

  1. The Peel Sessions 1988–90 (Strange Fruit, 1991)
  2. Who Dares Wins (Earache Records, 1998)
  3. The Earache Peel Sessions (Earache Records 2015)

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