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Info and Intro

A Hip Hop group from Carson, California, in the USA, made up of;-
The Devoux brothers Paul, Ted, Donald, Roscoe, Danny, and David.

They hit popularity after their tour of Japan in the mid 1980s, when they were known as the "The Blue City Crew."

The "Boo-Yaa" in their name is supposed to represent the sound of a shotgun being fired, and the "T.R.I.B.E." stands for "Too Rough International Boo-Yaa Empire."

There are some Hip Hop documentarians, that have claimed that the Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. is "synonymous with the sound of Hip Hop Los Angeles."

Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E have even dabbled in the world of Heavy Metal, in fact they did an incredible "Another Body Murdered", which was a duet with Rock/Heavy Metal legends Faith No More, this track can be found on the soundtrack to the movie Judgment Night.

Albums List

1) New Funky Nation

Boo yaa tribe 1.jpg

(Released: 1990, Single from this album - "Psyko Funk")

2) Doomsday

Boo yaa tribe 2.jpg

(Released: 1994, Singles from this album - "Doomsday", "Kill 'Em All", "Get Gatted On")

3) Occupation Hazardous

Boo yaa tribe 3.jpg

(Released; November 7, 1995)

4) Metally Disturbed

Boo yaa tribe 4.jpg

(Released: June 4, 1996, Singles from this album - "Metally Disturbed")

5) Angry Samoans

Boo yaa tribe 5.jpg

(Released: 1998, Singles from this album - "Skared for Lyfe", "Buried Alive", "Boogie Man")

6) Mafia Lifestyle

Boo yaa tribe 6.jpg

(Released: October 31, 2000, Singles from this album - "Mafia Lifestyle", "All Mighty Boo-Yaa")

7) West Koasta Nostra

Boo yaa tribe 7.jpg

(Released: October 7, 2003, Singles from this album - "Bang On", "911", "State of Emergency")

8) Business As Usual

Boo yaa tribe 8.jpg

(Released November 13, 2006, Singles from this album - "G's from the Otha Side", "If I Die, Let Me Roll")

Members Name Check

The Godfather
Monsta O
Ganxsta Ridd

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