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Boyd Blake Rice, born 1956, is an American experimental Sound and Noize musician using the name of NON since the mid-1970s.
He is also an archivist, an actor, a photographer, author, member of the Partridge Family Temple religious group, co-founder of the UNPOP art movement and current staff writer for Modern Drunkard magazine.

Boyd Rice should be cited as a major influence over the whole world of Industrial, Electronic Body Music and everything experimental in music.


Year Title Under
1976 The Black Album Boyd Rice
1977 Mode of Infection/Knife Ladder – 7"
1978 Pagan Muzak – 7" with multiple locked grooves
1982 Rise – 12"
1982 (rec. 1977–82) Physical Evidence
1983 Sickness of Snakes / Nightmare Culture Boyd Rice & Coil / Boyd Rice & Current 93
1984 (rec. 1981) Easy Listening For The Hard Of Hearing Boyd Rice and Frank Tovey
1987 (rec. 1983) Blood and Flame
1990 Music, Martinis and Misanthropy Boyd Rice and Friends
1991 Easy Listening for Iron Youth – The Best of
1992 In the Shadow of the Sword
1993 I'm Just Like You The Tards (8" single by Boyd Rice & Adam Parfrey)
1993 Ragnarok Rune Boyd Rice
1993 Seasons in the Sun Spell
1994 The Monopoly Queen – 7" The Monopoly Queen (w/ Mary Ellen Carver & Combustible Edison)
1995 Might!
1995 Hatesville The Boyd Rice Experience
1996 Heaven Sent Scorpion Wind (w/ Douglas P. & John Murphy)
1996 A Star Unborn Boyd Rice Presents Ralph Gean
1997 God & Beast
1999 Receive the Flame
1999 Pagan Muzak – 7" with multiple locked grooves Rerelease
2000 The Way I Feel Boyd Rice
2000 Solitude – 7" with locked grooves on B-side
2001 Wolf Pact Boyd Rice and Fiends
2002 Children of the Black Sun
2002 The Registered Three Boyd Rice & Friends (C.D. Single)
2002 Music for Pussycats Boyd Rice Presents
2004 Baptism by Fire (Live) Boyd Rice and Fiends
2004 Terra Incognita: Ambient Works 1975 to Present Boyd Rice
2004 Alarm Agents Death in June & Boyd Rice
2005 The Very Best of Little Fyodor's Greatest Hits! Boyd Rice Presents
2008 Boyd Rice and Z'EV Boyd Rice and Z'EV
2008 Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt Giddle & Boyd
2012 Back to Mono

As an Artist

After he dropped out of high school at the age of 17, he began a comprehensive study into early 20th-century art movements, producing his own abstract black and white paintings and experimental photographs.

Early on in this study, he met European art historian and gallery owner, Arturo Schwarz, with whom he got into a long correspondence.

Schwarz, who was a biographer of Duchamp and Man Ray, encouraged Rice to pursue his art, no matter what, which is just what Rice did. Although he would later move his focus to sound, he has never stopped creating visual art and has put on a number of one man shows over the years.

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