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  • Dj Brad, started his life as a Dj at the Agincourt, playing at their now legendary Saturday night Rock/Heavy Metal/Alternative music night.
Agincourt 3.jpeg

There has been plenty of other noteworthy events in this great Djs career, some examples below -

  • Rock @ Sakura where he covers the roll of DJ and Promoter,
Brad dj 2.jpg

This event started way back in the early 90's when the venue was called the Fez.

Brad fez !.jpg

and, in spite of the venue name and management change, Brad has kept this event running in the same building on a Monday night, for a long time.

  • He's also been a Radio 1 roadshow DJ back in da 90's.
  • Plus Brad was a resident Dj at Ministry of Sound for 5 years.
  • He was also a headline Dj and Promoter for the sadly missed R.O.C.K at Mean Fiddler
  • He does also DJ at lots of mainstream Luminar clubs, and not much for a lifetime of gigs.
  • One of the last, but by no means least, was a the 3 dates of the Metallica tour after party.