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A group closely affiliated with Ol' Dirty Bastard (Wu-Tang Clan). The group is made up of Rappers Merdoc, Raison the Zoo Keeper, 12 O'Clock, Buddha Monk, and Shorty Shitstain and some of those who left in early stages.

They released an album in 2008 titled Chamber #9, Verse 32.

Brooklyn Zu would be considered as part of The Wu-Tang Killa Beez


1) Ratatat Featuring Brooklyn Zoo - Remixes - Mixtape Vol. 1 (Self-released, 2004)

Brooklyn Zu 1.jpg

2) Chamber #9, Verse 32 ‎(CD / Album, Imagine Music, 2008)

Brooklyn Zu 2.jpg

3) All In Together Now Raw ‎(CD, Mixed + DVD-V, 2009)

Brooklyn Zu 3.jpeg