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Bruce Woolley was born on November the 11th 1953, and is an English writer, performer, record producer and composer.


Bruce Woolley was born in Loughborough, England, and was educated at Loughborough Grammar School where he learned electric guitar, began to write songs and where he met his future wife, Tessa. He lived in Shepshed, playing the UK pub and club circuit extensively for some years, before landing his first professional engagement in 1974, with Ivor Kenney’s Dance Band at Leicester Palais. After a transfer to Derby Tiffany’s, Bruce left Ivor and the Mecca circuit for London in 1976 to pursue a career in song writing, after being offered a publishing contract with Everblue Music, in Piccadilly.

10 years' writing finally paid off with his first hit "Dancing With Dr Bop" for Australian group the Studs – a number one record. After a short tour of the Orient as guitarist for Tina Charles, this was followed by his first English hit "Baby Blue" for Dusty Springfield, co-written with Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes, and soon after that in 1979 he had his first international hit, the Ivor Novello Award-nominated "Video Killed The Radio Star" – also co-written with Horn and Downes who later became The Buggles.

Although Woolley owns a 50% writing share of the song and the trio wrote the band’s third single "Clean Clean", Woolley was never a member of The Buggles. He was, in his own words, merely "on the design team".

Bruce Woolley has also been prolifically involved in the world of movies, working on soundtracks, as an actor, and in the music department.

The Camera Club

Around the late '70s, early '80s, Woolley established the New Wave outfit The Camera Club with a young Thomas Dolby on keyboards, Matthew Seligman on bass, Dave Birch on guitar and the late Rod Johnson on drums. Seligman at the same time joined The Soft Boys, and was consequently replaced by Nigel Ross-Scott (later to join Re-Flex).

The Camera Club released their debut album English Garden in 1979 and toured England, America and Canada. They disbanded after 2 years largely spent on the road and following disagreements with CBS Records who refused to release their second album.

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