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Burn the Priest is the original name for the band Lamb of God. Their album of the same name was released in 1999.

The Album

Their one album was released on April 13, 1999 by Legion Records, this was the only release before the band changed their name to Lamb of God.

Original Version


2005 Reissue

Burn the Priest Reissue.jpg

Members Name Check

  • Randy Blythe – vocals
  • Mark Morton – lead and rhythm guitar
  • Abe Spear – lead and rhythm guitar
  • John Campbell – bass
  • Chris Adler – drums, percussion, production
  • Michael Brosan – Backing vocals on "Suffering Bastard"
  • Steve Austin – vocals on "Resurrection #9", production, engineering, mixing, and mastering
  • Remixed by Colin Richardson with Will Bartle (2005 Reissue)
  • Remastered by Mark Wilder (2005 Reissue)

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