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We here at Altopedia believe that there should be zero boundaries between what the uneducated might think of as opposing genres.

One day we hope to see an end to Genrefication.
Some facts to consider;-
1960's Dub has influenced Jungle and Drum n Bass, as well as Ska and Reggae. Hip Hop, blended up with Heavy Metal and gave the world Nu Metal. Gothic, Industrial, Trance and Techno got together and caused Cyber to happen. Thrash Metal has some influence and time signatures from Jazz. Rock and Blues have a lot in common. Blues and Soul crossover hugely. Soul has added a fair amount to Pop and R 'n' B, as well as the Mod sound. The Mod sound also has a lot of crossover with Rock, and Garage Rock. Let's also not forget how much Punk and Reggae had an effect on each other. In fact, this list could be endless.

Although, having things broken down into some kind of genre, does help to identify music, but being a fan of one genre, should never exclude someone from enjoying something from another genre. Narrow minded snobbery is a thing that should never be tolerated or accepted.


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