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Stoner Rock and Doom Metal Pioneers Celestial Season


Celestial Season is a Dutch Heavy Metal act, who formed in 1991 as a doom/death metal band. They have been described as Doom Metal, death/doom, Stoner Rock/Metal and Gothic. Celestial Season split in 2002.

In October 2011 it was announced that Celestial Season had reunited to perform their album Solar Lovers live. Guitarist Pim van Zanen stated; “Now is the time to give "Solar Lovers” a second chance on stage. All of us are challenged to play the album live, top to bottom and make it sound its best.”


Albums List

1) Forever Scarlet Passion (1993 (Adipocere Records)

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2) Fire in the winter / Above azure oceans (with Lords of the Stone) (1994)

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3) Solar Lovers (Displeased Records) (1995)

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4) Orange (Big Bloke) (1997)

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5) Chrome (1999)

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6) Lunchbox Dialogues (2000)

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Singles & EPs List

  1. Flower Skin (1993)
  2. Sonic Orb (1995)
  3. Black Queen's Dynamite (Single, Big Bloke) (1997)
  4. Songs from the Second Floor (2001)


  1. Promises (1992)
  2. Promo 1994 (1994)
  3. 3 Track Demo (1996)
  4. Demo '99 (1999)

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