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Clothed female, naked (or nude) male, sometimes shortened to CFNM is a fetish that would feature one or more nude men and one or more clothed women. Some people think of this as a fantasy, by women or men, taking in an Exhibitionist or physique worship scenario and can incorporate BDSM or other sexual activities, CFNM can also be seen as an indication of male Submission, or could be part of a male striptease.

Portrayal of male nudity

In classical history, there is many portrayals of nude males in art, this was considered to be more acceptable than that of the naked female form, once the renaissance era came around, this attitude had reversed.

Perseus and Andromeda.jpeg


Feminist authors Christina Hoff Sommers and Naomi Wolf have written that women's sexual liberation has led many women to a role reversal, whereby they view men as sex objects, check out Hoff's 1994 book, "Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women", or Wolf's, 1994 book, "Fire With Fire: The New Female Power and How to Use It".

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We guess the opposite would be considered Clothed Male Naked Female, but then, there is the point that those who enjoy being an Exhibitionist to the opposite sex, or enjoy the feeling of power that, CFNM or CMNF would provide, then could this be pretty much the same thing, with the same attitude and outlook.