Clothed Male Naked Female

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Clothed male, naked (or nude) female, sometimes shortened to CMNF, is one of the Fetishes, this one features one or more nude women and one or more clothed men.

The opposite would be considered Clothed Female Naked Male, but there plenty of people who enjoy being an Exhibitionist, so is the fantasy of the person watching the naked women, or could it be the fantasy of the ones who are getting naked, it could well be either. Some enjoy the feeling of power that, CFNM or CMNF would provide.


One-sided female nudity may involve sexual and nonsexual erotic scenarios. Sexual scenarios may involve Male Domination, or a BDSM scenario, many Women have a Submission fantasy, and there are many many Women have an Exhibitionist fantasy. It should always be noted, that every fetish/fantasy that a Woman can have in this context, the same fantasy/fetish can be held by a Man as well. So this is a very much cross gender
CMNF is thought of by some, as a form of "sexual objectification" of women, and there is no doubt that this can be the case, but surely it should be noted, that there are plenty of Women that have a desire/fantasy/fetish, to be objectified, and appreciated in this way. Feminists argue that the one-sided female nudity will reduce a Woman's worth or role in society to that of an instrument for the sexual pleasure that she can produce in the mind of another. Whether this is correct or not, is not the point this page is trying to make, we at Altopedia are just endeavoring to point out, there are more sides to this debate.


One-sided female nudity has also been depicted in art, and photography, throughout many centuries. The list would go on and on, there are classical painting, and contemporary photography that cover this subject, including everything from complimenting the Female form, to providing fantasy themes for Men, there are Women who have been objectified, and Women who have been complimented, there are Women who enjoy the feeling of being naked in front of the opposite sex, as much as there is Women have been portraied as slaves. The opinions are as wide as there is people on this planet.