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Introduction from the writer

I for one love corsets, so writing this is a personal pleasure. Corsets come in a variety of colours and shapes. And have managed to become a hit in the fashion industry as well as being a longstanding clothing item in the fetish industry.

It is one of the most common items of fetish wear, that people who don't neccessarily see themselves as being fetishists, own. Mostly women are depicted in corsets in kinky poses. But corsets ARE a UNISEX item of clothing, where both women and men can wear them, and even sometimes at the same time ;)


The basics for a corset are, a length of fabric, 'boning' supports - which can be from either metal or reinforced plastic, or in the case of vintage designs, whale bone, then of course the string - which can be well, anything you can fit through the string holes and can tie, holding everything important in place. For example, this can include, rope, ribbons, leather string or fabric.

Corset 1.jpg

To use corsets properly, you need your clothing size to hand, and with women, you will need bra size measurements aswell. The best corsets are handmade from corsetry specialists, who will make it to your personal measurements - not relying on ambigurous store clothing measurements. Which can be a bit of hit or miss. If you do go for store bought, then do make sure to try them on in the stores changing rooms, you will need to ask for assistance, which for me personally, would add to the kink!

The sensation of wearing a corset and having your partner incased in one is very stimulating. As you are essentially hiding a part of your bare skin, but flaunting your body shape. It also hides any lumps or bumps than can make a person feel the lack of confidence in your body. So with corsets it can give that sense of body confidence and make a woman feel more feminine and powerful, as she's holding something back of herself, but she still has the sex appeal that she would have if she was naked.

Another part of us it as not so much of how you look in it, or what it does to you mentally, but what it does to you pyshically. When you wear a corset, it holds you closely, like a tight embrace that you can't escape. Like bondage but generally without the pain, depending on how tight you have it. It also denies you and your partner from touching bare skin, making the bare skin you do have, feel more heightened. This can be played around with, with different types of corsets, some that only hold your middle, so your tummy and breasts are exposed. Then you have some that hold your stomach and ribs, but leave your breasts bare, then finally the full corset that covers your middle, stomach and breasts, leaving the rest of your exposed. You can them play it up even more by wearing suspenders, long gloves, make up, jewellery, high heels or boots. Or even, all of above to go for the All Out approch, which i HIGHLY reccomend.


Corsetry also has a sub fetish, which actually used to be known just as Corsetry as it was the origin of it all. This is called Vintage Corsetry, where corsets are restored or made in the same design with the same materials used when they were first made back in ye olde days of balls and dashing gentleman on horses.


The difference between modern day corsetry and vintage is the designs and the materials used, so the boning was the greatest difference as they didn't use metal or reinforced plastic, but instead used whale bone or in less priveleged households - wood, which was prone to snapping and stabbing women in the chest. This was then quickly changed to using early day wiring, which we see in bras today.

Male Corsetry

On the flip side, men to can have fun with wearing corsets, which bounds their chest tightly, restricting breathing slightly, making sensations more heightened, which can be used as part of Autoerotic Asphyxiation. But it doesn't have to be limited to just the chest area in men, you can even get corsets for your cock! I think i'll just leave that to your imagination how that would feel. And strongly advise you to try it for a night of kinky shenanigans

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