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Corvin Dalek is a Hungarian DJ/producer/remixer/graphic designer.

Born in Budapest and played his first set in a disused railway station at Bodrog near Sarospatak on New Year's Eve 1988.

Following a series of frustrating experiences with inexperienced promoters, he decided to promote his own parties, he then formed the company Sunflower Promotions.

Ten years later, after a trip to Berlin, he decided to relocate there. During Berlin's first DJ convention, he officially set the world record for playing a set at the highest number of turntables.

His debut single on MFS was Pounds And Penz, produced in conjunction with Munich-based DJ Alex Flatner, in March 1999, and his remix of the track on the B-side became the definitive version - the world's first Wet'N'Hard record.

In February 2000, together with MFS' Mark Reeder, he established the sub-label Flesh to explore and release material evolving from the current European underground. It released the album, "I Am A Dalek", in 2003.

His single Real Man is said to have been banned from peak time radio in 22 countries, and the session he recorded at MFS for Kat's Karavan featured a string of expletives and simulated sex, causing some controversy among listeners (despite airing well after the watershed).

Some of Daleks' work became caught up in the '90s/early 2000's crossover between Techno, Trance, Industrial and Gothic.