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Country is a very wide term, it covers many different styles of music, most of these styles grew out of the United States of America - however there is notable country music to be found elsewhere, particularly in Canada and Australia and Njgeria

Country music is generally characterised by its use of the guitar, with heavily-accented vocals describing life’s hardships.

Country music was a surprising influence on early Rock music, along with Blues, Jazz, and Gospel.

Many different varieties of country music have arisen over the years, from the slick production of the Nashville sound to the rougher edges of "outlaw country". There have been several cycles from periods of experimentation and fusion with other genres giving way to returns to traditionalism and back again. Country has even fused with many other genres ranging from Folk to Punk.

Also, who can forget that great Blues Brothers quote -
Elwood: What kind of music do you usually have here?
Bartender: Oh, we got both kinds, country AND western!