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Info and Intro

Curve was an alternative Rock/Electronic duo formed in 1990 in England, United Kingdom. The band members were Toni Halliday (vocals, occasionally guitar) and Dean Garcia (bass, guitar, programming). Halliday wrote also the lyrics of their songs and they both contributed to songwriting. Their sound is a blend of Alternative Rock, "Shoegaze" and Electronic Dance Music.

Halliday and Garcia were introduced to each other by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics. Dean Garcia had played bass guitar as part of Eurythmics’ live band in 1983–84 and on two of their studio albums, Touch and Be Yourself Tonight. Toni Halliday was signed to Stewart’s Anxious Records label as a solo artist. She also sang with The Uncles and Bonk in the early 1980s.

Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia briefly formed the unsuccessful group State of Play in the late 1980s before parting ways. She attempted a solo career, releasing the album Hearts & Handshakes in 1989. The album was produced by Toni Halliday and Alan Moulder, who will later got married. Alan Moulder also produced music for artists like Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and My Bloody Valentine.

In 1991, Halliday reunited with Garcia to form Curve. Their alchemy the second time around created sonically charged music, setting heavy beats and Garcia’s densely-layered guitar tracks and feedback against Halliday’s airy vocalization of lyrics that frequently explore such topics as alienation, addiction and love on the wane.

Albums List

1) Doppelgänger - 9 March 1992

Curve 1.jpg

2) Cuckoo - 21 September 1993

Curve 2.jpg

3) Come Clean - 16 February 1998

Curve 3.jpg

4) Gift - 18 September 2001 (US)

Curve 4.gif

5) The New Adventures of Curve - June 2002

Curve 5.jpg

Members Name Check

  • Toni Halliday (born 5 July 1964 in Parsons Green, Fulham, England) – vocals, occasionally guitar
  • Dean Garcia (born 3 May 1958) – bass, guitar, drums, programming

Touring Members Name Check

  • Debbie Smith – guitar (from 1991 until 1994)
  • Alex Mitchell – guitar (from 1991 until 1994)
  • Rob Holliday – guitar (Come Clean era)
  • Steve Monti – drums
  • Stephen Spring – drums

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