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=Members Name Check=
=Members Name Check=
*B-Real – lead vocals (1988-present)
*[[B-Real]] – lead vocals (1988-present)
*Sen Dog – vocals (1988-present)
*Sen Dog – vocals (1988-present)
*DJ Muggs – turntables, production (1988-2004, 2014-present)
*DJ Muggs – turntables, production (1988-2004, 2014-present)

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Info and Intro

A Hip Hop / Rap / Gangsta Rap group formed out of South Gate, California.

They were the first Latino-American Hip Hop group to earn themselves a platinum and multi-platinum albums, by selling over 18 million albums worldwide.

They are cited by many as being one of the main progenitors of "West Coast" Rap and Hip Hop in the early 1990s, having received huge critical acclaim for their first two albums.

Cypress Hill have also been an important figure in the fight for the legal use of medical and recreational Marijuana in the USA.

Right to be here

If you are one of the people who would question why Cypress Hill are on a site dedicated to things "alternative", then please move on and stop reading what we have here, definitely go check out what they added to the movie soundtrack for Judgment Night, understand their influence on all things Rock/Heavy Metal/Nu Metal, they have been cited by a number of "alternative" artists as an influence.

Albums List

1) Cypress Hill (1991)

Cypress Hill 1.jpeg

2) Black Sunday (1993)

Cypress Hill 2.jpg

3) Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom (1995)

Cypress Hill 3.jpg

4) Unreleased and Revamped (EP) (1996)

Cypress Hill 4.jpg

5) Cypress Hill IV (1998)

Cypress Hill 5.jpg

6) Los Grandes Éxitos en Español (1999)

Cypress Hill 12.jpg

7) Skull & Bones (2000)

Cypress Hill 6.jpg

8) Stoned Raiders (2001)

Cypress Hill 7.jpg

9) Stash (2002)

Cypress Hill 13.jpg

10) Till Death Do Us Part (2004)

Cypress Hill 8.jpg

11) Rise Up (2010)

Cypress Hill 9.jpg

12) Cypress X Rusko (EP) (2012)

Cypress Hill 10.jpg

13) Live at the Fillmore (2015)

Cypress Hill 11.jpg

14) Elephants on Acid (2018)

Cypress hill elephants on acid.jpeg

Members Name Check

  • B-Real – lead vocals (1988-present)
  • Sen Dog – vocals (1988-present)
  • DJ Muggs – turntables, production (1988-2004, 2014-present)
  • Eric Bobo – drums, percussion (1993-present)
  • Mellow Man Ace - vocals (1988)

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