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Jack T Leeson AKA DeadDancer approached a pair of Technics in a basement of a Northampton town house in 2006. Inexperienced, young and naive, he clumsily, but surely, learnt the great art of DJ'ing.

Since that fateful day DeadDancer's career has evolved from dingy basements in Northampton to world renowned clubs all over the UK and, as of 2012, international clubs too.

DeadDancer prides himself on being able to select tracks that open music fans' minds to knew styles and sounds. In 2010 DeadDancer introduced a crowd of Heavy Metal lovers to Hardstyle at Sonisphere Festival, in that same year he played a set of Electro infused Funk to members of the British Racing Drivers Club at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix. This merited him repeat bookings at the events on both occasions and since then, he realised that genres meant nothing and that good music should be played wherever and whenever it can be.

DeadDancer's main styles and sounds could be described as Alternative, Electronic Dance Music, Hard Dance, Industrial, Heavy Metal, Electro House, Trance and Drum n Bass, however, if he's got a track that he knows will smash it but it doesn't conform to a night's music policy, there will be no hesitations and it will be dropped!

A few notable events DeadDancer has performed at:

In 2013, DeadDancer started working on his debut EP with the aim of releasing it late 2013/early 2014. He describes the process as "frustratingly fun" and looks forward to getting it out there!

Current Residencies:

Redeemer, Leicester - Alternative/Metal/Dubstep. Complex, Leicester - EDM/Hard Dance

Promotional Mixes:

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