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DJ Maniak at the Metasin Reunion, 8-29-14.


DJ Maniak (born 20 September), is a New York City and Long Island based DJ, musician, promoter, sketch comic, and artist that has been working in the Tri-State Gothic/Industrial scene since the late 1990's. His style of spinning is mainly comprised of anything from aggro-industrial to power electronics and industrial metal, but has also been known to incorporate Punk, Heavy Metal, and even occasionally old school Hip Hop into his sets, based on his musical influences growing up. Influences as a DJ for him include Hellraver (Terrorfakt), Dj Ian Fford, Darryl Hell, Krztoff (Bile), and Rob Nitro.

DJ Maniak Music

Caustic - Give Me Damage (Vivisektor remix by DJ Maniak) 2006



Dj maniak 2003.jpg
  • 10/25/03: DJ at Salvation, NJ, supporting Life Cried and Bitter Grace.
  • 2004: Begins DJ residency at NYC Aggression, later known as NYC Assault.
  • 6/20/04: DJ at official Skinny Puppy afterparty at NYC Aggression.
  • 8/27/04: DJ at Electrofusion 1 @ Nocturnal Creatures NY, supporting Terrorfakt, Resurector, and Feedback.
  • 9/24/04: DJ at NYC Aggression, supporting Cenotype and Velapene Screen.


Dj maniak 2006.jpg
  • 4/08/05: DJ at NYC Assault, supporting Selfless and Ex-Tract.
  • 7/01/05: DJ at Electrofusion 3 @ Nocturnal Creatures NY, NYC VS. Long Island DJ battle. DJ Maniak represented team NYC, along with DJ Jet (Cybertron) and DJ Ravage (Albion/Batcave), which won the battle.
  • 9/02/05: DJ at Electrofusion 4 @ Nocturnal Creatures NY, supporting Bile, Handful of Dust, The Ancient Enemy, and Endless Torment.
  • 2006: Remix for Caustic's track "Give Me Damage". Track remains unreleased to this day, but is still occasionally played during live DJ sets.
  • 1/12/06: DJ at Nocturnal Creatures NY, supporting Interface, Anti-Mechanism, and Eisdrive.
  • 8/11/06: DJ at Nocturnal Creatures NY, supporting FGFC820, Anti-Mechanism, and Exhuma.
  • 2/09/07: DJ at Nocturnal Creatures NY, supporting Level 2.0 and Stormchase.
  • 3/09/07: DJ at Nocturnal Creatures NY, supporting Neurotic Decay, James Kiwi, and Sisters & Brothers, Break Free From Your Shackles!


Dj maniak 2009.jpg
  • 2/19/10: After nearly 3 years on hiatus, DJ Maniak returns with a guest slot at Resurrection, NY.
  • 8/06/10: Guest DJ slot at Ritual Live, NY, supporting several local metal bands.
  • 12/11/10: Guest DJ slot at INDENIAL, NY.
Dj maniak 2011.jpg
  • 4/30/11: Guest DJ slot at INDENIAL, NY, supporting Imbolg and The Saints of Pain.
  • 7/30/11: DJ at Fallout, NY, supporting Produkt.
  • 10/28/11: DJ at INDENIAL, NY for Amityville Horror Part 2/Zombie A Go-Go, supporting Nassau Chainsaw and Nekronet.
Dj maniak 2012.jpg

Dj maniak 2012 2.jpg
  • 8/18/12: Guest DJ slot at Stimulate, NY, supporting Anti-Mechanism.
  • 11/21/12: Debuts as the live bassist for Failure 2 Comply at Leather + Lace, NY, for Thankxxxgiving Eve, supporting FGFC820 and Face The King.
  • 12/31/12-1/01/13: Guest DJ slot at Leather + Lace, NY, Vaudeville in Amityville, supporting Voltaire and Baron Misuraca's Vampire Lounge.


Dj maniak 2013.jpg
  • 2013: Appears in Produkt's music video for their single "Decay".
  • 5/18/13: Guest DJ slot at Leather + Lace, NY, supporting Ego Likeness, Demon Boy, and Plague of Humanity.
  • 6/8/13: Guest DJ slot at VOODOO REUNION 2013, NY, with DJ Slave.
  • 6/28/13: Guest DJ Slot at INDENIAL, NY for UV ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE with several other NYC/LI based DJ's.
  • 7/20/13: Failure 2 Comply supports Hanzel und Gretyl at Leather + Lace One Year Anniversary @ Club Revolution in Amityville, NY.
  • 7/27/13: DJ Maniak leaves Failure 2 Comply to pursue other interests.
  • 9/20/13: Guest DJ slot at Presents VELOCITY: "School of Industrial Design" @ The Delancey Lounge, NYC, with Alex Von Nihil, Evylla, and musical guests Better Luck Dead Man and Blut Reaktor.
  • 6/20/14: Guest DJ Slot at Elevation @ The Pyramid Club, NYC, with DJ 5witch.Hitter and musical guest The Little Old Ladies.
  • 8/29/14: DJ at the Metasin Reunion @ Club Revolution in Amityville, NY, supporting Anti-Mechanism, Face The King and Justin Symbol.
DJ Maniak at Black Metal Chvrch, 9-24-17.

Other Works

  • In mid-2017, DJ Maniak began working with a Queens-based sketch comedy group called Black Metal Chvrch. Shows are held monthly at The Creek and The Cave in Long Island City, Queens, NY.

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