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DJ Zoe Urchin continues to be at the forefront of mixing up and playing out in clubs a mix of genres including Nu Metal, Emo and Ska Punk alongside traditional Indie, retro and new school indie with even a bit of classic Rock and Hip Hop! She guest DJ's worldwide and is honoured to be working in alliance with Alien nation, Brazil where she is a regular visitor.

Early Days

Music helped carry Zoe through her grim Northern upbringing. Whilst still at school she rejected musical genre snobbery and couldn't figure out if The Smiths, Motörhead, Nine Inch Nails or The Swans were her fave band.

A stint in local radio, mixed with merchandising and fanzines led her to London, where she became the youngest and most-forward thinking manager of a department at Forbidden Planet at that time. She foresaw a burgeoning market opportunity for an adult-aimed shop, focused on small press, graphic novels, comic artwork and back issues (including golden and silver age collectibles). She had the idea of tying the new shop in with the music scene and media.

That comic mission took her on lengthy US buying trips (one featured the surprise appearance of bullet holes in her van), where she hung out at music venue, CBGB’s, wrapping her ears around the Hardcore scene and taking in the Hip Hop scenes beats.

On to the Marquee Club

Whilst working at the legendary Marquee Club Zoe watched as many bands as she could, working her way up to being a DJ and then promoter. She became influenced by the Dance and Industrial electronic scenes and her Djing grew to become highly eclectic, fusing different musical elements and beat-matching a wide range of styles just like any basic dance DJ would.

She'd be mixing and beatmatching the tunes when other alternative Djs were just playing them from beginning to end, this was fairly unique at the time. Very few other Djs at that time were using intuition and empathy to play sets for Rock/Indie nights. She played music she was passionate about - still uniquely split between the poles of dedicated Rock nights and dedicated Indie nights.

Astoria Days

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She was part of the team behind the Astoria's Club X. and Rockscene alternative nights, she DJ'd about the town too, including Machine Head's first London gig.

During her peak time sets on the Club X main floor, Zoe morphed with Britpop and dance, blending up artists like the Chemical Brothers, Groove Armada, Primal Scream and Leftfield as well as artists like, Placebo, Wu Tang and Fatboy Slim. These nights included the high production standards of the major dance events.

At Rockscene she introduced clubbers to the likes of: Marilyn Manson, The Offspring, Korn, NOFX, Type O Negative, Biohazard. Bands put Zoe's clubs on their personal London night-life maps. Marilyn Manson was almost rugby-tackled by security when he handed her his then unreleased new album. It was said that she made, "the best DJ entrance ever" when she arrived riding astride the gun barrel of a full size pink tank.

Moving on

Zoe also hosted a weekly Rock Radio Network (now Total Rock) new music show with DJ partner, Robin Guy. There she hosted the UK's first Slipknot interview and introduced many now renowned Ska, Pop, Punk and Metalcore acts to a wider audience.

Since then she has travelled worldwide Djing alternative nights and live music events as well as various cool club nights. DJ Urchin helped create the template for the kind of alternative DJ-ing we expect today. She's still renowned for pushing the musical boundaries in her defining genre-bending style.