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Dacryphilia (also known as dacrylagnia) is a form of paraphilia where the person is aroused by the tears or sobbing of their partner.

The term covers all forms of pleasure from the tears of others, but the arousal is achieved from viewing a person in emotional turmoil. It's most common within a BDSM relationship, where the Dom induces the Sub to cry, or otherwise show a strong emotion.

Dacryphilia may be connected with a form of Humiliation Fetish or as part of inflicting pain, or restriction, as well as servitude, this being a major part of BDSM, for example, a Dom may verbally abuse the Sub in order to induce a tearful response, also a Dom may be physically abusive to the consenting Sub in order to draw tears during pain play. In this way, dacryphilia is a form of Sadism.