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Dark electro is a sub genre of electronic music, that grew out of the mid-1990s in central Europe. The term describes groups such as Placebo Effect and was first used in December 1992 with the album announcement of Brainstorming, the debut for yelworC. The style was inspired by the Electro Industrial style of bands like Skinny Puppy. Musical compositions would include horror soundscapes, and grunts or distorted vocals. YelworC hailed from Munich, forming in 1988. They were largely responsible for laying down the foundations for the dark electro movement of the early 1990s, and were first to release product via the German label Celtic Circle Productions. As time rolled on, dark electro was displaced by Techno influenced styles such as Aggrotech and Futurepop. With Grendel reviving the style with their cover of the dance hit “Zombie Nation". Other groups to practice the style included "Trial", "Evil’s Toy", "GGFH" (Disease) and "Ice Ages".