Dark Neo-Classical

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This subgenre has a number of separate origins. One sits alongside martial Industrial as a progression from Neofolk, attempting to advance from the often stripped-down parent genre and utilising symphonic methodologies to create something more elaborate and grandiose. Another entirely separate imitative saw a couple of musicians (Emilie Autumn and "Vernian Process") producing a rather perverse Victorian-inspired sound, that often involved producing ‘modernised’ version of Classical standards alongside their own compositions. Harpsichords were regularly heard for some reason. And we can’t forget the classically-influenced projects that have sprung out of the Darkwave and ethereal genre, featuring acts as diverse as Persophone, Sopor Aeturnus and Ataraxia.

By the way, this page is by no means an attempt to lump them all in under one little pigeonhole – it’s merely here to prove that the ‘dark scene’ has produced it’s own forms of Classical music. See, we are cultured after all…..