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[[Image:Davidicke.jpg|200px|right]A god amongst men]

David Vaughan Icke, born April 29th 1952, is one of the greatest conspiracy theorists to have ever lived. Many people have theorized that there is a secret world government but David took that theory, added some reptiles and a holographic moon, and a legend was born.

The life of David

David was a shy and nervous child who grew up in a very poor family, at times they would have to hide from the council man wanting to collect the rent. He failed at school and left at 15 to pursue a football career (as a goalkeeper) after being spotted by Coventry City. Unfortunately due to Rheumatoid arthritis he had to retire from football at the age of 21.

Icke began finding work as a reporter. He became a sports presenter for Newsnight in 1981, a year later he moved on to co-host the BBC sports program Grandstand. His contract terminated with the BBC in 1990.

Icke began to explore unconventional medicine during the 80's to help with his arthritis. He also began to get involved with the Green Party. In 1989 he saw a book on psychic healing by Betty Shine and decided to pay her a visit. On further meetings, Betty told Icke that he had been sent to heal the earth, and that the spirit world would start to use him to give messages to the people. The seed was sown.

It was at a burial ground in Peru in 1991 that Icke had an experience with a 'higher level of consciousness'. He described it as experiencing 'kundalini'. When Icke returned home he began to write a book on what was happening to him. He also started channeling to communicate with spirits. He resigned from the Green Party in 1991 because he knew he was destined for greater things.

Icke then began to channel regularly and dressed in only turquoise to attract positive energy. David also began to date a psychic even though he had a wife at the time, but she was apparently cool with it as the psychic (named Deborah Shaw) moved in with them, and they became known as the 'turquoise triangle'. After he resigned from the Green Party, the tuquoise triangle held a press conference, in which David said he was the 'Son of the Godhead'. People interpreted this as David saying he was the son of God, but Godhead to David meant 'Infinite Mind'. David also said that the world would end in 1997 after a number of disasters such as earthquakes in New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico, eruptions in Cuba and that New Zealand would disappear. Speaking from 2014, it can be confirmed that the world did not end in 1997. Afterwards, David displayed regret about the press conference, explaining that he had no control over what he was saying. The damage was done, however, and Davids 'predictions' were all over the papers the next day.

On the 29th of April, 1991, Terry Wogan invited David onto his BBC primetime show Wogan to interview him.