Deep Throating

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What is it

Deep Throating: This is a sexual act where a person (male or female) takes the full length of an erect penis into their mouth. This is a form of fellatio/oral sex and is widely used in the porn industry and in the context of Domination.

More Detail

While in this act the giving partners tongue is immobilized and the receiver’s glands (penis) is intensely stimulated by the tightness of the giving partner’s throat. The partner who performs the deep-throating is referred to as the giving partner in this act. This can be difficult as most people’s gag reflex kicks in, but everyone’s sensitiveness is different and practice help.

Best Way

The best position is ‘over the edge deep throat position’ which involves the person deep throating to lie on a table bending there head back taking the penis into their mouth. A popular rewarding on is ‘69’ where both parties enjoy the experience by giving and receiving. During this act the giving person is in control, however by actively thrusting the giving person is called Irrumatio. There are some women (and men) that love this so much that all they want to do is deep throat guys. The feel of a shaft pounding their throat, gives them a kick and their reward is the hot cum (semen) sprayed in their throat making them swallow it all. A true deep throat artist will take every drop as they want all that’s in their reward for their effort.

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