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Dyztort, who's real name is William Mullally, is a Metro NYC/NJ Promoter and DJ that has been spinning his particular style of "Aggro-Industrial" and Rhythmic Powernoise for over 20 years. He got into spinning much later in life then most at the age of 27, when he felt he couldn't just be a club kid anymore. He chose to get involved in keeping the local scene alive and progressive during a period of time NYC was slipping into decline. His biggest influences for his personal style of spinning were the Dj's he grew up listening to Rexx Arkana, Dräcos (see also FGFC820 ), and Hellraver (see also Terrorfakt).


he first started DJing at Jersey City State College for WGKR Gothic Knight Radio which was ironic being the only goth Industrial DJ they had. His first gig Djing, before even going by his current moniker, was filling in to give DJ Delchi an hour break at NYC's original vampire scene night, Long Black Veil. He was given the idea for his name by notable NJ DJ and Promoter Damian Plague and first started getting attention thanks to booking him to guest spin at QXT's in Newark, NJ. He really started gaining local notoriety by filling in for Rexx Arkana at Master Steelows Funhouse and being part of a small group of scene affiliated people in NJ called the DCV which saw several members make their own mark on the goth/alternative culture in the NY/NJ and even international scene. Steelow also gave him his first residency at his Flesh Theatre Saturday fetish themed parties. he is currently the Commander of Fearless Leader of the Insurgence which is his current night in NJ.

Other notable residencies events he has DJed at:

The short lived Das Bunker NYC with DJ's Cub, Wintermute, Hellraver, and Atek.

NYC Aggression with DJ's Mythadrall, Maniak, and Dräcos.

Asylum Guild with DJ's Solitude, .5witch.hitter, and Stalagmike.

Triton Festival.

He started his own event based night Assault which he tries to feature either new or at the time underrated acts he feels deserve more attention in the NYC/NJ area.

He has thrown and collaborated on events for such acts as Terrorfakt, Nachtmahr, Caustic, Gothsicles, Prometheus Burning, Cyanide Regime, Ad*Ver*Sary, Iszoloscope, Alter Der Ruine, Life Cried, Panic Lift, Cenotype, Winterkalte, Tonikom, Asche, Panzer Division, Hocico, Manufactura, Uberbyte and Covenant.

Tidbits or information on a lark:

Favorite color scheme black, red, and white.

Sometimes wears a cosplay style costume of his own design while Djing.

Has gone by the nicknames Dyzzie, Dyz, Notorious D.Y.Z., Dyzzo, Da Warden (but only at Asylum Guild), and that jerk or douchebag depending on your view of him.

May or may not take requests based on the quality of Sake offered to him as a bribe.

Is a total geek/dork/nerd who loves Science Fiction/Fantasy novels and movies, tabletop RPGs, boffer style larping, and videogames.

Won't do anything for a Klondike Bar.

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