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Contrary to popular opinion, not all DJ’s are the same
HARDWARE EST has a strong background of entertainment related experiences. He is accomplished in a variety of functions from nightclubs to record industries, and more.

How It All Began

As far back as Hardware can remember, he'd always wanted to be a rock star.

He used to frequent clubs in DC when he lived in Frederick. It was there that hi interest turned to Djing. At a previous show, he heard some sets by Mohawk Adam, and told his brother, "Anthony I can do this; I have a lot of music". He was playing pool at the Cadillac Club and Anthony introduced him to the owner of the club.

After speaking with him, the club owner gave Hardware the opportunity to DJ on a week night to see if he had what it takes. To say he was nervous, is an understatement. These nerves led him to forget his CDs. His brother raced home and retrieved them, and the story began.

After filling the room on a Wednesday night, Hardware was given Thursdays.

At this time, his Dj name was 'Controlled Access.'

That's when he met Todd Pierce and his DJ, DJ Fiendish. It was then Todd asked if he would be interested in doing the lighting for his club, 'The Cage.' As he was doing the lights one night, DJ Fiendish didn't show. Todd said, “Can you do this?” Hardware did happen to have music with him that night and started Djing. As he was mixing, Todd was impressed.

One evening Todd called and said the Cage was shut down by the ABC Board.

At this point, he went to work for Andy's 'Late Night.' He saw Todd there, they talked for a while. As he was walking to the Metro, he saw Todd again and he asked me to have a beer with him.

They talked late into the night and the end result was, they became roommates and Todd's resident DJ. At brunch a few days later, we created a new name for 'the cage,' and they event became 'BOUND.'

Since they lived over 'Polly's Cafe,' they went upstairs to chill and as Todd was on the internet, they started talking about a new 'Dj name', as 'controlled access' was too long. With back and forth conversation, they settled on the name, HARDWARE. At that time, HARDWARE was born!

A new club name and a new DJ name! They were on the rise and couldn't be stopped!

The rest is Industrial History.

And so the beat goes on.

Some Background

He has gained a wealth of knowledge from being a musician and a professional soundman and lighting designer. His experience, rapport with people and enthusiasm for music is the active ingredient that gives him the leading edge, making him the Industrial mixer he is today. He has also influenced & consulted many up an coming bands and Dj's and club promoters.

What he does

His services have been requested across the US and internationally to provide the superior knowledge of today’s best and upcoming artists, and to this day he still heads up the decks at his hometown club BOUND Washington DC , where he's been since he started mixing 20 years ago. Just like all Dj's the club does not confine such unusual mixers like him, the focus now has gone to broadcasting and he was picked up by an online radio station called Club Renoize where you can hear him mix up some of the finest industrial & powernoize music (new & oldskool) every Saturday between 5-7pm (eastern standard time) at Clubrenoize website

CD Releases

You can find his efforts shown on a number of CD’s throughout the US as well as three that he has produced under his own name. Below is a list of the releases so far



  • Manipulating Puppy ( a compilation with remixes By HW est)
  • When Angels Sing / Gothic, Bands : Dead Can Dance / This Mortal Coil / Love is Colder then Death
  • Forms of Hardware 2012 / Powernoize, Bands : Winter Kalte / Greyhound / S.K.E.T. / Punch Inc. / Monolith
  • Hardware & the 12 Angry Machines / Powernoize -Experimental, Bands : Panzer Division / TerrorFakt / Ms. Gentur / Cold Harbor Unit / Download
  • A History In Black.... / Ambient- Experimental, Bands : Disharmony / Prometheus Burning / Flint Glass / Totokeke / AD-VER-SARY
  • Terrortracks V.I / Powernoize, Bands : Izoloscoape / W.A.S.T.E. / Synth-Etik / Manufactura / Sonar / Memmaker
  • Terrortracks V.II @ the Ranch, Bands : T_ERROR 404 / Orphx / Syn-Tech / Stahschlag / Detune-X</div>

Club List

Below are a few of his more acclaimed dates of employment as a Dj:-


1995-Present - BOUND – Industrial Dance Party – Washington, DC

1998 - NATIONS w/ Front Line Assembly & Spahn Ranch – Washington, DC

1998 - The METRO CAFÉ’ w/ C-TEC & Cubanate – Washington, DC

1998 - TRACADARO w/ Vesago & the Voluptuose Horror of Karen Black – Philadelphia, PA

1998 - LIMELIGHT – Industrial Dance Party – N.Y.C. New York

1998 - HAVANNA CLUB – Industrial/Gothic night – Stockholm, Sweden

1998 - THE STAR BAR – post Marilyn Manson party – Stockholm, Sweden

1999-2000 - THE RITZ w/ Das Ich & CRUZ SHADOWS – Washington, DC

1999-2000 - THE CAGE w/ Faith and the Muse – Washington, DC

1999-2000 - Burning Man

1999-2001 - THE CAGE – Nocturnia – Gothic Dance Night – Washington, DC

2000-Present - SUMMER MASQUERADE BALL – Washington, DC

2000-2001 - NATIONS – Industrial Dance Night/Damnation – Washington, DC

2001 - SYNTHPOP GOES THE WORLD – Toronto, Canada

2007 - TEMPLE – Knoxville, TN

2008 - CONVERGANCE – Tampa, FL

2009 - BLASPHEMY – Scranton, PA

2009 - DRACULA’S BALL – Philadelphia, PA

2009-2010 - DUNKELHEIT – Washington, DC


2010 - REVOLUTION – Washington, DC

2011-2012 - SPELLBOUND – Washington, DC


2013 - BOUND – Washington, DC (yep still going.)

2016 & 2017 Forms of Hands