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Dj Kangal has been a DJ for 21 years.

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He'd been singing in Heavy Metal bands throughout the late 80's and early 90's. After about 8 years of it Kangal became discouraged with the business and took a break from bands.

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He tried to branch out a little musically, and started hanging out at nightclub dance parties, which was what most of his friends were into at the time.


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After 8 years doing live shows, he was fairly familiar with nightclubs, so started doing doorman/bouncer work. He began to get really turned onto the mid-90's Industrial/EBM scene and the Gothic subculture. New Year's Weekend, 1996, he was at a Science Fiction convention called EveCon, and a friend was booked to DJ the Ballroom Dance Saturday night. Trouble was there was a show downtown he didn't want to miss. So Kangal was asked me to cover for him.

Kangal said of this experience - "I knew my way around a mixing board, and I'd been wanting to try the DJ thing. Plus, I just got dumped and I figured it would cheer me up. So I gave it a whirl. Turns out, I didn't do too badly, in fact it was a rush and it was as big a rush as any gig I did as a singer. People said nice things, the promoters asked me back, and I never looked back".

Since then he has spun over 100 venues in 16 states, including a 9 city midwest Tour in 2002. If you can name a nightclub in Washington DC, he has probably spun a gig there at some point in the last decade and a half. He has long residencies at a lot of infamous DC parties like Catacomb, Alchemy, BOUND, Resurrection at The Roxy, and Spellbound. He has held residencies in Washington DC, Charlotte, North Carolina, Baltimore, Maryland, and toured the Mid-Atlantic and the midwest.


In reference to his music tastes, Kangal says - "Musically, I'm a total geek and my tastes run the gamut, but as a DJ I cut my teeth on Gothic/Industrial club sets, with an emphasis on EBM, 90's Techno, and dark 80's. He's been into New Wave since he was in High School, so spins a lot of 80's/New Wave (at least once a month!). He's adored the idea of Yacht Rock ever since that became a thing so likes to spin it as often as he can. His ideal sets are when he tries a bit of everything to make people move: Breaks, Electro, Techno, House, and all the variations thereof".

Being a child of the 80's, he went through his teenage years building a big pile of cassette tapes and wishing he could afford a bigger pile of CDs. His current collection stands at over 2500 CDs with at least 15,000 tracks, and still doesn't seem to be enough.

Kangal has his own podcast, which has a new episode posted every Thursday night. He sticks mainly to nightclub parties, due to his love for a good dancefloor, but feels like a Mobile DJ at heart, he has set up at every type of party it is possible to name name. It's a passion first and a business second, but he prides himself on being a professional.

I don't fileshare and I don't battle. Don't bother asking about these things. All other inquiries are welcome and encouraged.

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