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DJ Loki

“Leaders are those who stand in front of the Shadows.”


A Few Highlights

DJ Loki (Joseph “Joe” Burl) is a professional DJ based in Central Massachusetts.


He has been involved with the music scene for the past 15 years, entertaining audiences at nightclubs, corporate parties and private events.

He has performed at an array of venues including The Middle East (Cambridge), Diva’s Nightclub (Northampton), weddings at Wistariahurst Historic Mansion (Holyoke), Pilgrims Monument (Provincetown) and at VIP events for Audi and the Berkshire International Film Festival.

He is a founding partner of QPoint Event Experts, a professional mobile DJ and event planning company.


In 2008 DJ Loki made his nightclub debut with a set opening forThe Crüxshadows alongside legendary ManRay DJ Chris Ewen. He was one of the resident DJs for Dead Can Dance and Skate, alongside DJs Addambombb and TI-99. This Gothic skate night at Rollermagic Waterbury Skating Center was a series of fundraising events benefiting True Colors, Inc. and Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness.


Other highlights includes a guest DJ slot at Haven at Divas (Northampton) and Goth Night (Charlottesville), and headlining the famous Dracula’s Ball Halloween party in Philadelphia in 2019.

Recent Times

Currently, Loki is a resident DJ and co-produces The Wicked Party (New England’s Haus of Electroswing) with DJ Addambombb.

Recent livestream events have included: Pandemonium with featured guest Angelspit and The Wicked Party with featured guest, Duke Skellington ("Future Swing" artist and music producer for both the Vaude Villainz and Duke Skellington music projects).

The Wicked Party live streams every other Saturday on twitch where DJs Loki and Addambombb bring the gin joint jams to your very own speakeasy. Where vintage meets modern & Ragtime, Swing, and Ratpack are mixed with House, Hip Hop, and Electronica. On alternating Saturdays, We Drink and We Spin Things is live featuring Dark Dance, Gothic club classics, magickal Pop, halloween remixes and basically whatever they want!

The Beginnings

DJ Loki began his professional journey assisting DJ Addambombb with concert promotions and apprenticing as a nightclub and wedding DJ. His experiences as a stage crew hand and leading Haven’s street team include promotion and live production work for many bands including The Crüxshadows, Razed in Black, Voltaire, Bella Morte, Stromkern, PTI, Android Lust, In Tenebris, You Shriek, Incus, Ego Likeness, and HUMANWINE.

Loki has assisted with events including the Salem Witches Ball, BlackSun Festival, and Tour:Smart with Martin Atkins. He has also provided music and sound production for performance art at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Private Stuff

When he's not performing, Loki spends his time outdoors hiking, camping and fishing among many other activities.

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