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Early days

DJ Pharaoh was born in the United States of America in 1980. He was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and has spent the Majority of his life in the Northern Virginia/DC Metro area. He grew up from childhood listening to an extremely diverse, and rather eclectic grouping of musical genres. Quite literally everything from Classical, and Opera, to Led Zeppelin, and other Rock n Roll genres. He displayed a talent at an early age for remembering musical pieces, and scores, to the extent of being able to identify them from only a few measures, and notes.

His band days

As a teenager he teamed up with four of his closest mates, and formed the band “Sabbat”. (No relation, or connection with the band of the same name of international fame.) As the Drummer for Sabbat, he spent several months teaching himself drums, by examining the styles of Keith Moon, Lars Ulrich, John/Jason Bonham, and his own personal inspiration Rick Allen, of Def Leppard fame.

He played with his mates, in the band for about six years before, the four of them decided to dissolve the band citing personal reasons to their local fans.

On to Djing

After Sabbat dissolved in 2001, he turned his attentions to trying to help the plight of local bands in his area, knowing all too well what it was like trying to juggle a full time band, and a full time life.

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He has since been trying to get as much exposure as he can for these bands, making friends with them, and promoting them through his Djing, and of course by word of mouth. In his years in the Alternative/Gothic/Industrial scene, his long goatee quickly earned him the nick name 'Pharaoh'. In 2004 He began Djing, making his debut at Midnight in DC, for almost a year he also held a residency at the Fetish club Bound, also in the DC Metro area. He has been known to take hiatuses from time to time, mostly to work on personal projects. However he remains in the Top Five most Popular Djs in the DC metro area. His style has been known to pack the dance floors, consistently.

Dj Style

Alternating between hard, and mellow songs to allow for short breaks, while maintaining the longest number of dancible songs per set. He personally views his DJ career in a similar way to the way he viewed his days in the band. 'He exists to for the fans, and devotees of his stylings, and they exist for him.' As he has been known to quip-- “It is a vicious cycle.” He is currently working hard on focusing his attentions, plus as much time, and effort as he can into his career, and using it to support the friends in music that he has.