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In the early 80's


was one of the first mobile dj to mix genres and take notice of more than just the current top 40 chart,

this led to Dj Rex's career starting to include much of the UK Rave scene,

as well as the blending up of Rock, Indie, Rave and Retro.

Late 80's

student parties, Rex built a big reputation for being able to successfully blend up the Indie, Gothic, Rave, Hip Hop, chart and Heavy Metal scenes and being able to mix the styles well and ended up Djing many of the larger University parties that added to the world of the Rave/Indie/Rock/Gothic scene in and around London.


Early/mid 90's


was the first club dj to get Rock/Gothic crowd to dance together with the Techno and Trance crowd and to each other’s music, causing a revolution that spread across the world and led to Rock, Gothic, Electronic Dance Music and Industrial vibes teaming up.

Late 90's

was the first dj to release an alternative music based club compilation album,

3 volumes of club compilations from Full Tilt

this being the first series of compilation albums to link up a variety of music genres, from dance to hard rock.
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Late 90's/early 2000's

Rex was the first UK alternative/underground music club dj to gain international reputation as well as a USA reputation
this involved Djing in Israel, NYC, Athens, Los Angeles, Vienna, Dublin and Madrid. Previously to this underground/alternative music Djs were very limited to only having local reputations.


Late 2000’s/early 2010’s

Dj Rex became the first UK alternative club dj to do regular full Dj tours of the USA, taking in a wide range of USA states, including, Texas, New York, Los Angeles, Main, Georgia, DC and many many others. This would be the only real claim during this decade, but it did take up most of '00s.

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