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Below is a list of the stuff that Dj Rex can dj the best –


the whole spectrum from Jerry Lee Lewis to the likes of the Stones plus the likes of Korn to Five Finger Death Punch, also the fun sing along Glam Rock kind as well)

Heavy Metal

(again whole spectrum, from Black Sabbath to Mastodon)


(I'm sure you don't need this explained, but he can cover everything from the original scene right up to the current stuff, often he find best to do a mix of old and new)


(from the classic days to the newer stuff, from the guitar driven to the electronic or a mix of all


(this pretty much speaks for itself, but generally tends to be Rock n Roll)


(can divide between 60s rock, 60s soul and 60s pop, totally understand "the 60s" wasn't a genre on it's own)


(Disco, Rock, Punk, or the Hippie movement)


(can switch between the darker 80s or the more pop stuff, plus of course the late 80s Manchester/Old Skool Rave scene, including Post Punk and New Wave)


(tend to default to the 90s Indie, but also have full range of every scene there was in this decade, especially when combined with the late 80s)


(a genre that tends to get lumped together)

Big Beat

(Chemical Brothers etc, mostly old skool on this genre)

Drum n Bass

(Non commercial and only little moments in a set)

Old Skool Rave

(seeing as he was there and part of it, these kind of sets are a breeze)


whole range form the classic late 80s days to the newer sounds, he also find this crowd like some 60's, early 80s and a little 50s added as well

Student Parties

(these tend to be a massive mix up, he would add some mainstream as well, but only a little and only if required)


(probably needs no explanation)


(again prob needs no explanation)

Hard House

(the darker end) for example nukleuz records)


(from 70 to current, from chart to underground, from Earth Wind and Fire to Flo Rida, Droideka to Doobie Brothers)

Old Skool Hip Hop

(again probably needs no explination)

Classic Soul and Classic Blues

(mustang sally etc) to (John Lee Hooker etc)

Reggae and Ska

(although not fully clued up enough to do one or the other, but the kinda crowd that likes a mix I’m fine with that)


(from the kinks to the jam to the newer crossover with the Indie version of it)


the early days of Big Band through to show tunes and classics like “I just wanna get loved by you” and Louie Armstrong.

Mix Up

It's even possible to mix up all of the above into one set, or take pickings from either.

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