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Sound engineer

He has sound engineered for venues from 100 to around 500 capacity, as well as having been a producer for recording artists. He is very experienced in problem solving during an event as well.

Production and Remixing

Has been involved in every level of studio work, from remixing other artists work, to co-writing and producing original material, there are some examples available on the Turbulent Soundscape page, plus a full list on - Dj Rex Discography.

Stage manager

From small-scale events, to events with 3000 people.

Security/door staff

Many years of experience in this field, in fact, reasonably regularly since 1982, he has been head security as well as general security in gigs, clubs, bars and festivals.

Bar staff and bar manager

He has akso been involved in dealing with staff issues, running stock control and promoting the venue.

Event coordinator and Event manager

Has managed events including fashion shows, children’s theatre, touring productions, live gigs and club based events.

Old Skills

Was also trained as a dancer, actor, choreographer and director in the 80s, as well as a personal trainer.

Other stuff

Flyer and promotion design and photography.

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