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Year Band Track/Album Title Format Label Roll on recording Co Credits Link to a Track
1993 Chameleondream Open Your Eyes 12" Vinyl EP ......... Writer, Producer, Vocals, Remixer. ................. [1]
1997 Global Noise Attack Self Pity (No Noise mix) Full Tilt vol 1 JVC Remixer and Compiled the track list Paul Cutts [2]
1997 Guilt Trip Full Album CD Album Producer No Link Available
1998 Nervosa Servant II the Master CD Single Remixer Jon Kline [3]
1999 Synthetic Culture A Night at the Vic, Full Album. CD Album Writer Raye Caluori and Olly B [4]
1999 Sensorium Jahazralah Full Tilt vol 2 Remixer and Compiled the track list Paul Cutts No Link Available
2000 MaxDmyz The Whip (Remix) CD Demo No Label Remixer No Link Available
2001 St. Eve No Human Words Promo Only Single Remixer Olly B [5]
2001 St. Eve She's Your Cocaine CD Compilation Cleopatra Co-Producer St. Eve No Link Available
2001 Kill II This Figure Of Eight, Turbulent Soundscape Mix Full Tilt vol 3 JVC Remixer and Compiled the track list Olly B No Link Available
2001 Turbulent Soundscape Infinite Loop Full Tilt vol 3 (Unsigned Disc) Co-Writer and Compiled the album track list Olly B [6]
2002-2004 Turbulent Soundscape 3 Disc Promo only Triple Album Co-Writer Olly B [7]
2009 Turbulent Soundscape Wake the Fkuc up Full Album Radio-Active-Music Co-Writer Olly B [8]
CD Baby
2014 Turbulent Soundscape Take Two and Call me From Camden Full Album Detonation Recordings Co-Writer Olly B [9]

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