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Born as Frank Zenker, on the 29th of May 1973 in Frankfurt, Germany, is a German Hard Trance DJ and producer.

He also produces musical pieces under aliases such as "Arome" and "TOCS."

Also Known As


De Zenk

Dread Selector




The King of Trin


Mike Feser




Scot Project learned to mix Techno at the age of 13, and he got his first break in 1986, playing Breakbeat in a youth club in Frankfurt.

During the 1990s, he became resident DJ of several clubs in and around Frankfurt.

Scot Project's success began in 1994, when his first track "X" was released; this was followed closely by "U I Got A Feeling," in 1995. The latter track peaked at #66 in the UK Singles Chart. It was followed by the 1998 UK hit, "Y (How Deep is Your Love)" which made #57.

In 2002, Frank Zenker and Kai Winter (Derb) created the Druck Records label.

In 2004, Scot's track "L (Want Your Love)" took over from Eric Prydz's "Call On Me" at #1 in the charts.


Studio Album

A1 Label - Overdose (2005)

Scott project album.jpg

EPs and Singles

1) X (Overdose, 1994)

2) Out Of Space ‎(12", Maxi, Chromalin, 1994)

3) U (Overdose, 1995)

4) Y (Overdose, 1997)

5) X² (Time Is Now!) / W (That Sound) (Overdose, 1997)

6) DJ Scot Project / DJ Wag - U / Man On The Moon ‎(12", Pic) (Overdose, 1998)

7) F (Future Is Now!) (Overdose, 2000)

8) DJ Wag & DJ Scot* - 2000.1 (Overdose, 2000)

9) O (Overdose, 2001)

10) R (Rock!) (Overdose, 2003)

11) S (Outerspace) ‎(12", ADN Progressive Records, 2003)

12) DJ Scot Project / Storm - U (I Got A Feeling) / Storm ‎(10", Positiva, 2003)

13) FM (Feelin' Me) (Overdose, 2004)

14) L (Want Your Love) ‎(12", Overdose, 2004)

15) S² (Sueño) (Druck, 2008)

16) W (Whooo) EP ‎(Druck, 2012)

17) C EP ‎(Night Vision, 2012)

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