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It's hard to categorize DJ Spider's style; when she does dance, it's high energy Electro, House and Techno. When it's retro, it can be 80s and 90s Pop, Rock, Dance and Alternative. When it's Darkwave, expect Gothic, Synthpop and Industrial. And for burlesque, toss her the theme and she'll run with it. Chances are, though, you'll probably get a little something you just didn't expect at one of her gigs.

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Early Days

She began her journey to club life in college, with college radio during the "120 Minutes" era of music. After graduation, she returned to her home in the Virgin Islands, where she continued to work with radio as the host of the only live alternative rock show in the Caribbean.
Her work with WIVI-FM was highlighted with celebrity interviews, entertaining troops on deployment, and raising money for a number of charities. Spider's show, Devolution, was bootlegged as far away as Denmark, and ran for over 3 years.
Club work began accidentally as she filled in for vacationing DJs. Eventually she was offered a full-time position with the Greenhouse, a very successful bar and restaurant which maintained several of the hottest nights on the island. Everything from Party Pop, Techno, Retro, Reggae, latin and happy hour classics became part of her repertoire, and she was able to create and promote a number of successful events with the USO, the Temptations, Hawaiian Tropic, and the Sinbad Soul Music Festival.

Finally deciding that there was more to the world than the Caribbean could offer, Spider moved to Atlanta, where she rediscovered her love of the darker, harder side of music. She returned to the decks in 2001, and it has been non-stop ever since. Now based in Charlotte, NC, her reputation as a both a DJ and an entertainer has been highly rated, as is her commitment to maintaining a Drama-Free Zone.

She has opened for the Crüxshadows, the Last Dance, Voltaire, Anders Manga, Covenant, and the Crystal Method. Past tours have had her appearing across the country, including recurring appearances in the Midwest, the Eccentrik Festival in Raleigh, Convergence 14 in Tampa, Spellbound and Freaks United in DC, Skin Two in Atlanta, and Draculaís Ball in Philadelphia.

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Other Stuff

She is no stranger to conventions either, having appeared at Chattanoogaís ConNooga, Minneapolisí CONvergence, and her beloved DragonCon in Atlanta. Current and past residencies in Charlotte include the fetish event Purgatory, Retroactive Reunion, Bats II: Electric Boogaloo, Big Mammaís House of Burlesque, Sprockets and djing for the Charlotte Roller Girls. She is ridiculously honored to have been voted ìCharlotteís Best Party DJî for 7 years (2006-2011, 2013) by the readers of Creative Loafing. Regardless of the size, Spiderís goal is always to make any night the best experience possible for everyone there.

In her free time, Spider can be found pretending to sleep, crafting costumes, indulging in various geekery and maintaining a number of pets. And, yes, she really is that tall.

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Places where Dj Spider has played

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Radio Stations

WIVI-FM (St. Thomas, VI)

WGRE-FM (Greencastle, IN)

Caribbean Clubs (1996-1999)

St. Thomas, USVI

The Green House

The Hard Rock CafÈ

The Old Mill


October Sunday (yearly host)

Resident DJ and Promotions Manager, Full Time, the Green House (1997-99)

US (2000-2014)



Dart Room (La Sanguinee, a Dark Room event)

Fort SmithÖ

Area 51 (Bunker event)


Nation (Alchemy, Freaks United 2006)

Recessions (Spellbound 2008, 2009, 2010)

Town (Goth Prom 2008)


Convergence 14 (Ybor/Tampa, 2008)


Atlanta Comics Expo 2007, 2008

The Chamber (Secret Room)

Club Famous

Dragon*Con 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (official DJ Dance nights)

Frolicon 2006, 2007

Future (Secret Room)

Georgia Aquarium (DragonCon 2012, 2013)

Hard Rock CafÈ (WPE 2009)

Hoedowns (SkinTwo)

Jungle (Buckle Ball, Skin Two)

the Loft (Kink Patrol)

Masquerade (Secret Room, Skin Two)

The Shelter (2012)

SideBar (Skin Two)

WETbar (SkinTwo)




Ristorante Feliciata (Tomb)


CONvergence 2008, 2012 (DJ Dances)

the Saloon (Hard Mondays)


Club Sin (2008)


Daveyís Uptown (Perversions)

North Carolina

Boiler Room (Shellshock)

Joli Rouge (Fifth Circle)


Amosí South End (Purgatory, bands)

The Breakfast Club (Retroactive 80's, KISS party, Big Hair Ball)

Charlotteís Underground (RotBats)

Chop Shop (2012)

Closet (Notorious)

Club Chaos (80s Night)

ConCarolinas 2014

Cricket Arena (Charlotte Rollergirls)

Dammit Janet (Danse Macabre 2009)

Garboís (Devolution, Incantate, Ronald Raygun)

Garden & Gun Club (HazMat)

The Goblin (Sprockets)

Grady Cole Center (Roller Girls, MiniCon)

Grayson Skate Park (Battle Slam Jam 2007)

Heist Brewery (WTF Wednesdays 2014)

Hungry Duck (Purgatory)

A Jarrell Affair (Return of the Bats)

Jeffís Bucket Shop (Fun Freaky People)

label. (Halloween 2013)

Light Factory/Spirit Square (Papp Wedding)

Liquid Lounge (Nympho Ball, Disco Trash, Mustache Clash)

Mad Monster Party 2013 * 2014

the Milestone (bands)

Mythos (Inferno, Carnivale, Plastique Fantastique)

Nelsonís (Return of the Bats)

Petra's (Zodiac Party 2014)

Prevue Lounge (Synthesis)

The Room (Resurrection, Bite Club)

Roux (Bats II: Electric Boogaloo)

The Roxbury (Sprockets)

Sky Lounge (Malice, Inferno)

Snug Harbor (Artoxication)

the Spot (Big Mammaís House of Burlesque, bands)

The Steeple (Resurrection, bands)

Tremont Music Hall (Flock of Seagulls, Sihk-or-Treat 6)

Tutto Mundo (New Yearís Eve 2007)

Visulite Theater (Big Mammaís House of Burlesque)

Wine Up/UpStage (Bats II, Big Mamma's House)


MotorCo (PUSH)

Ringside (Draculaís Daughter, Redlight Cabaret)

West End Wine Bar of Durham (PUSH)


Arena Sports Bar (Carpe Noctem)


Flex (the Lucille Ball)

Kings Barcade (Cirque Macabre 2007)

Kulture (Eccentrik Meet N Greet)

Lincoln Theater (Eccentrik 2007)

The Pour House (Eccentrik Festival 2005 and 2006)


Bowling Green

Uptown (REWIRED)


Tulsa Eagle (Aftermath)


Shampoo (Draculaís Ball 2005, Halloween 2006, Draculaís Ball 2009, Dracula's Ball 2012)

South Carolina

Art Bar (Pitch Black, SinDustrial, Black Celebration, Goth Night)

New Brookland Tavern (Black Celebration, various bands)

State Street Pub (2010)


ConNooga 2010 Electric Ballroom (Temple, What Is Fetish V2.5)


Club NV (Salvation)


Empire (Space Oddity 2013)

External Links

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