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DJ Totentanz is a force of nature. With a career that was born in the USA and perfected in Europe, she is perpetually touring both continents. A native of Philadelphia, USA, she has been a pro DJ since 2000 and over the course of her career held 9 residencies in the greater Philadelphia area and 1 in Belgium, appeared as a guest DJ at every major dark electronic event in her home city, and makes frequent appearances throughout the USA and Europe at a wide variety of edm and alternative electronic events. Since the start of her career, DJ Totentanz has also amassed a solid amount of radio experience and worked closely with many top dark electronic and alternative acts.

At present, DJ Totentanz has appeared at events and festivals in 11 different countries and counting. She is currently a resident DJ at Vortex (bimonthly @ Starlight Ballroom, Philadelphia, PA) and a regularly appearing DJ at clubs, events, and festivals throughout the Eastern USA and Europe. Other notable appearances include: Wave Gotik Treffen 2011 (Leipzig, DE), Summer Darkness Festival 2011/2012/2013 (Utrecht, NL), Resistanz Festival 2012 (Sheffield, UK), Kinetik Festival 2012 (Montreal, Canada), Club Antichrist (London, UK), Overdose (Salzburg, AT), Cyber Heresy (Bratislava, SK), Club Pi (Vienna, AT), Vampire Party (Antwerp, PA) Dominion (Dublin, IE), I ♥ Industrial (Philadelphia, PA), Dracula’s Ball (Philadelphia, PA), Pure (Lancaster, PA), Deathwish (Denver, CO), Bunker.404 (Atlanta, GA), and many more. She is also currently involved in co-organizing an event of her own: Bassturbation, a quarterly EDM fusion event held in Gent, Oost-Flanderen, Belgium.

With a dancefloor-focused style that fuses high-energy Hard Dance with the dirtiest electro beats, and dashes of relevant genres ranging from dubstep to indie dance, DJ Totentanz believes genre boundaries were meant to be smashed. Equally comfortable more in “mainstream” EDM circles as she is in the underground, she has found that her style fares well in both scenarios and that each realm could learn a lot from the other. Whatever the situation, the more you sweat, the crazier things get, and the more packed the dancefloor, the more she feels like she’s doing her job. And she plans to continue bringing her creativity, technical skill, hardworking attitude, and sense of humor to events throughout the world.