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Djinn are mythical creatures that feature in Islamic and Arabic folklore. Djinn are also known as genies. As they have free will, they can be good or evil.

Islamic theology

Djinn, or jinn, are creatures made from smokeless fire by Allah and, according to the Quran, have free will. Jinn are invisible to humans and can possess them. In some traditions, called Hadiths, jinn are much like humans and have their own class systems. There are jinn who can fly, jinn who resemble snakes and canines, and jinn who travel constantly. Jinn can also appear as dragons. Because of this, jinn are sometimes interpreted as being Reptilians.

It is also a jinn, or jinni, that helps out Aladdin in the story Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp. You may have heard of the Disney version.

In other cultures

There are similarities between jinn and the evil spirits that Jesus would cast out of those who were possessed by demons in the New Testament of the Bible, such as the ability to possess humans.