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The Djs on this list

This list is gonna be a list of those Djs who have made changes, or made a name from doing something different from limiting themselves to just a national radio top 40 list of music!



  • Dj Rex Made his reputation in and around London (UK), getting his first real break in Camden's Electric Ballroom, moving onto the Slimelight and then Athens and New York, with all sorts of amazing things since his reputation grew. Probably the first Dj to get the Gothic/Industrial and Rock crowd to dance together with the Techno and Trance crowd, accidently finding the Cyber scene growing out of what he was doing, but also gained a reputation for mixing up genres, djing at a large amount of student events, blending all sorts of genres smoothly into each other. Trying to prove his theory that there's no real difference between styles of music.
  • DJ Zoe Urchin another great Dj from London, she's a Dj who earned her reputation by pushing boundaries, she pushed these boundaries so well, that most clubs now follow the format she created!!
  • DR and Quinch, were very groundbreaking Djs, who were the first to do all sorts of things, maybe one day they can come back.
  • Stevie C A versatile Dj from London, who earned himself a great reputation in the Rock and Heavy Metal scene in London. But, Stevie C is so much more than just a one scene Dj.
  • Terminates Here Serial genre-hopper who covers everything from Electronic Body Music and Dark Electro to classic rock and 80s/90s alternative and several more esoteric styles. Recently developed the 'Irregular Event' concept to showcase under-played styles and non-resident DJs to a London audience. Also seeking sets further afield.

South of UK

  • DJForceX Dj, Producer, huge amount of experience and skills, a Dj well worth checking out! :)
  • DJ Epicenter Started off in Birmingham and then made his way across to the south, was an alternative DJ that also fused elements of soul and Indie music and other styles into his sets. Most of his DJ work was around Middlesex and Surrey but also worked in Brighton and Reading as well. Currently working the wedding and private function circuit.
  • Brad A long serving Dj as well as a definite unsung hero of the Alternative club culture.





  • Dj George Fakinos one of the leading Djs to come out of Athens, Greece, has extremely high energy in his sets, guaranteed to get any fan of that genre up and dancing!!


New York

  • Dj Ian Fford, a feature and an influence on the underground of NYC from it's early days.
  • Dj Jason a main-stay of the NYC Goth scene from it's earliest days, right up til now, if you enjoy goth and enjoy NYC, then you owe a debt of gratitude to Dj Jason
  • DJ Maniak Based primarily in Long Island the past decade, Maniak has spun his style of aggro-industrial, power electronics and industrial metal, in addition to punk, thrash and old school hip-hop at clubs and events based in New York City and New Jersey since 1996. He has worked as a live bassist and session musician for several local acts.
  • Dj Spaz NYC based DJ since 2004. Known for being a resident DJ for parties such as Dark Water / Berlin NYC / Dead Heaven / City of Dark Angels / Black Cat Party & Peak Oil. He's also done guest spots for parties such as Ward 6 / Underworld / Dark Bar / Contempt / Defcon / Replicas / Redrum Ball / QXT's / Stimulate / Byte / Sundown / The Metro / Asylum Guild & Evilution. He's currently a weekly web radio DJ for WFKU ( He hosts a weekly live broadcast showcasing Synthwave music called Outscape every Thursday night from 10pm-2am.

New Jersey

  • Dj Dyztort, although being originally from New Jersey, Dyztort is as much of a New York Dj as he is a New Jersey Dj.


  • Dj Mighty Mike Saga a versatile and influential Dj hailing from Philadelphia, but can be found in a lot of places, catch him if you can!

Omaha Nebraska


  • DJForceX Dj, Producer, huge amount of experience and skills, a Dj well worth checking out! :) Making his name in the UK has now moved to the USA and is trying his hand there.

Washington DC

Houston Texas

North Carolina

  • Dj Spider, Multi talented Dj known all across the USA. She's also involved so much more, pretty much, whatever she decides she wants to do.



  • DJ Lazarus - One of the staple dj/promoters of the Toronto alternative scene. Creator of PANIC, DARKRAVE, EBM PARTY, and many more events. Organized the 3 day music festival 'Synthpop Goes the World' in 2002. Also owned Funhaus club in the mid 2000's.
  • DJ Nomad - Originally from NY Nomad takes his name from moving around North America for over a decade, currently calls Toronto home.
  • Paul Savage - originally from London U.K.- Promoter Owner of the Savage Garden - Dj veteran , Now making underground alt and Dirty Electro Beats
  • DJ Darq - Involved in the gothic/electro/EBM scene for at least 20 years in Toronto!


Tel Aviv