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Alex Paterson, AKA, Dr. Alex Paterson, born Duncan Alexander Robert Paterson on the 15th of October, 1959 near Battersea in London, he is an English musician and co-founder of Ambient House group The Orb, in which he has worked since its inception.


He was at School in Oxfordshire between 1970 and 1979, at the same time as Killing Joke bassist, also known for his production work, Martin "Youth" Glover. Paterson later worked in the 1980s as a roadie for Killing Joke, before working in the A&R department of EG Records.

One of the driving forces behind his musical direction was listening to New York radio stations, especially the Chuck Chill-Out shows on 98.7 KISS FM. In the late '70s. Paterson also became the vocalist with the band 'Bloodsport', as well as DJing at Killing Joke gigs.

In 1990, Paterson's collaborations with his fellow Orb co-founder Jimmy Cauty ended, following Paterson's concerns about The Orb being perceived as a side-project of The KLF. Paterson retained The Orb name, and more recently, Cauty and Paterson collaborated again, as Transit Kings. Paterson was also involved in FFWD, a collaboration with Kris Weston, Robert Fripp, and Thomas Fehlmann.

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