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A Pub Rock band formed out of Canvey Island, Essex, UK, in 1972. It would seem that they took some influence from some of the Protopunk, and Garage Rock artists that were their predecessors.

Probably best known for their early singles like "Back in the Night" and "Roxette", with their most rembered hit being "Milk and Alcohol".

Their sound was distinctively British Rhythm and Blues, and centred on Wilko Johnson's choppy guitar style.

Alongside Wilko, the original line-up included;-

  • Lee Brilleaux on vocals
  • John B. Sparks, known as "Sparko", on bass guitar
  • John Martin, known as "The Big Figure", on drums.

Not totally sure that we would agree with the presenters at the start of the above video, but it is still a great track.

Although their most commercially productive years were during the '70s, and in spite of Lee Brilleaux's untimely death in 1994 from lymphoma, a highly rated version of the band (featuring none of the original members) continues to tour and record to this day.

Classic Band Member Quotes

  • "You don't have to be a musician to play Rock n Roll. You've just got to love it and want to play it."

Lee Brilleaux

  • “'People don't talk about an orchestra and say, 'Oh. are ya still playing that f*cking old Beethoven stuff? Why should they say the same to us?

Lee Brilleaux

  • I don't really know whether I've wasted my life but, probably not

Wilko Johnson

  • Pedals? I'm a guitarist not a cyclist

Wilko Johnson

Albums List

1) January 1975 Down by the Jetty

DrFeelgood 1.jpg

2) October 1975 Malpractice

DrFeelgood 2.jpg

3) September 1976 Stupidity

DrFeelgood 3.jpg

4) May 1977 Sneakin' Suspicion

DrFeelgood 4.jpg

5) September 1977 Be Seeing You

DrFeelgood 5.jpg

First album with Gypie Mayo on guitar

6) September 1978 Private Practice

DrFeelgood 6.jpg

7) June 1979 As It Happens

DrFeelgood 7.jpg

8) September 1979 Let It Roll

DrFeelgood 8.jpg

Guest appearances by Steve Gregory on tenor and alto sax; 'Shotgun' Roy Davies on organ plus Mike Deacon and Geraint Watkins on piano

9) September 1980 A Case of the Shakes

DrFeelgood 9.jpg

10) August 1981 On the Job

DrFeelgood 10.jpg

11) November 1981 Casebook

DrFeelgood 11.jpg


12) October 1982 Fast Women and Slow Horses

DrFeelgood 12.jpg

Only album release with Johnny Guitar

13) October 1984 Doctor's Orders

DrFeelgood 13.jpg

First album with Gordon Russell, P H Mitchell and Kevin Morris

14) October 1985 Mad Man Blues

DrFeelgood 14.jpg

Originally only available as a French Import.

15) August 1986 Brilleaux

DrFeelgood 15.jpg

16) April 1987 Case History: The Best of Dr. Feelgood

DrFeelgood 16.jpg

17) September 1987 Classic

DrFeelgood 17.jpg

18) May 1989 Singles – The UA Years

DrFeelgood 18.jpg

19) May 1990 Live in London

DrFeelgood 19.jpg

20) March 1991 Stupidity Plus (Live 1976–1990)

DrFeelgood 20.jpg

Compilation of live recordings

21) June 1991 Primo

DrFeelgood 21.jpg

First album with Dave Bronze

22) July 1993 The Feelgood Factor

DrFeelgood 22.jpg

23) April 1994 Down at the Doctors

DrFeelgood 23.jpg

Lee Brilleaux's final live concert

24) October 1995 Looking Back

DrFeelgood 24.jpg

Five CD box set in tribute to Brilleaux.

25) August 1996 On the Road Again

DrFeelgood 25.jpg

First album with Pete Gage, P H Mitchell returns. Guest appearance by Alan Glen on harmonica

26) April 1997 Twenty Five Years of Dr. Feelgood

DrFeelgood 26.jpg

27) September 1997 Centenary Collection: (The Best Of Dr. Feelgood)

DrFeelgood 27.jpg

28) June 1999 Live at the BBC 1974–75

DrFeelgood 28.jpg

29) May 2000 Chess Masters

DrFeelgood 29.jpg

First album with Robert Kane A celebration of the output of the Chess Records label

30) September 2001 BBC Sessions 1973–1978

DrFeelgood 30.jpg

31) September 2001 Singled Out: A's, B's & Rarities

DrFeelgood 31.jpg

32) October 2002 Finely Tuned

DrFeelgood 32.jpg

33) November 2002 Down at the BBC:

DrFeelgood 33.jpg

In Concert 1977–78

34) June 2003 Speeding Thru Europe

DrFeelgood 34.jpg

35) November 2005 The Complete Stiff Recordings

DrFeelgood 35.jpg
Stiff logo.jpg

36) September 2006 Repeat Prescription

DrFeelgood 36.jpg

Studio album with new renditions of old favourites

37) April 2012 All Through the City (With Wilko 1974-1977)

DrFeelgood 37.jpg

Box set, Original recordings, remastered, Audio CD, plus bonus DVD

38) June 2013 Taking No Prisoners (With Gypie 1977-1981)

DrFeelgood 38.jpg

Compilation album and DVD

Members Name Check

  • Kevin Morris – drums (March 1983 – present)
  • P H (Phil) Mitchell – bass (March 1983-March 1991, May 1995-present)
  • Steve Walwyn – lead guitar (June 1989 – present)
  • Robert Kane – vocals (1999–present)
  • Lee Brilleaux – vocals, harmonica, occasional slide guitar (January 1971-April 1994)
  • John B Sparks – bass guitar (January 1971 to April 1982)
  • The Big Figure – drums (January 1971-April 1982)
  • Wilko Johnson – lead guitar (January 1971-March 1977)
  • Gypie Mayo – lead guitar (April 1977-March 1981; substitute for Gordon Russell March 1989-April 1989)
  • Johnny Guitar – lead guitar (March 1981-December 1982)
  • Buzz Barwell – drums (April 1982-December 1982)
  • Pat McMullen – bass (April 1982-December 1982)
  • Gordon Russell (born 4 June 1958, Hammersmith, West London) – lead guitar (March 1983-May 1989)
  • Dave Bronze – bass (March 1991-September 1991, May 1992-April 1994)
  • Craig Rhind – bass (September 1991-May 1992)
  • Pete Gage – vocals (May 1995-September 1999)

Substitute musicians

  • Henry McCullough – lead guitar (March 1977-April 1977; following Wilko Johnson’s departure)
  • Barry Martin – lead guitar (May 1989-June 1989; following Gordon Russell’s departure)

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