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Dubstep is a style of Electronic Dance Music described as tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals. It of course has links to other forms of music, the basslines can be traced back to the days of Dub, and the influence from acts like On U Sound, Tackhead and Adrian Sherwood would be hard to ignore, there is of course some connections with Drum n Bass as well.

Dubstep’s early roots are experimental releases by UK Garage producers, who, at the time, were seeking to incorporate elements of Drum n Bass with the South London 2-step garage sound. In more recent years, there was a development between Drum n Bass and "Dub Step" that became known as Drum Step, this incorporates the rhythms of Drum n Bass with the sounds generated by "Dub Step"

The feel of "Dub Step" is often dark, frequent use is made of the minor key, and it can feature wild harmonies. Other features can include the use of samples, a propulsive yet sparse rhythm, and an almost oppressive sub-bass combined with high pitch screeching key sounds.

The tempo/bpm of "Dub Step" is nearly always in the range of 138-142 beats per minute, although it can vary wildly, it is often combined with a clap or snare every third beat in a bar, but In its early stages, "Dub Step" was often more percussive in its style, with more influences from 2-step drum patterns, this provides the connection between "Dub Step" and the original UK Garage producers, the "wobble bass" is also another strong feature of "Dub Step", this is where the bass note is extended and manipulated in a rhythmic manor, also by making use of effects driven by the volume, distortion or filter cutoff, a lot of the journey from UK Garage to "Dup Step" also went via the world of Grime.