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"Dub Techno" is the fusion of Minimal Techno with the characteristics of Dub. Songs of this genre can typically be identified by heavy use of delay and reverb applied to minor chords, structured around a Minimal Techno drum track. Those characteristisc are used to convey atmospheric deepness and enrichment of textures through sound effects like echo, reverb, phasing and other manipulations of sound.

Some of the originators of this genre can be found within the history of Tackhead and the On U Sound System.

Some of the other origins of "Dub Techno" can be traced back to experimentation by Basic Channel in 1990’s Berlin, as they sought to combine the rhythmic elements of stripped-down "Detroit Techno" with the dub recording process and effects of "Jamaican Dub Reggae". However, it is important to note that most contemporary "Dub Techno" artists do not cite "Dub Reggae" as a source of inspiration, and so the development of the genre has largely been unattached from its origins.