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Electro is an early type of Electronic Dance Music which emerged with the development of early sampling technology and the introduction of the Roland TR-808 drum machine and is closely associated with formative years of Hip Hop in the early to mid 1980s, as well as having links with the formative years of Industrial

The style is defined by the 808 and 808 drum samples arranged in syncopated rhythm patterns often resembling the Funk breaks used in Hip Hop beats with simple, funky basslines.

Other instrument parts are typically created with synthesizers and vocoder vocals and are often delivered in a somewhat deadpan fashion, this is in an attempt to accentuate the robotic quality of this music.

While many of the definitive electro tracks are, in essence Hip Hop, in many instances it could be seen as electronic Funk and can also be considered an evolutionary link between the work of electronic groups in the 70s such as Kraftwerk and Techno. Electro’s influence has long outlived its initial popularity with nearly every popular electronic dance genre at some point giving way to some influence from this sub-genre.